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Free Fall Tandem Skydiving From 15,000 Feet (Skydiving)

  Adult Child

Lowest Price From $228.99 USD N/A

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Free Fall Tandem Skydiving From 15,000 Feet (Skydiving)

5.0 stars
Based on 117 reviews

5.0 stars Wow, what a thrill, Kevin my tandem partner was awesome, he gave me all the confidence I needed to make the fab jump!! All round 5 STAR day.

Reviewed by: Robert M.,
UK, August 2014

Operates: Daily. Closed Christmas Day.
Location: Las Vegas
Region: Nevada
Duration: 3.5 hours approximately (Skydive training & Jump takes approximately 40 minutes)
Product code: LAS-SK001
Starts: Free pickup at the West entrance of MGM at approximately 7:00 AM.
Ends: Free return to departure location approximately 3.5 hours after pickup.
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Get a new angle on the Las Vegas Strip - from a height of 2 miles and a speed of 120 mph! There's nothing like the experience of freefalling from 15,000 feet on a tandem sky dive, with professional equipment and instruction included.

Pick-up and return from the Las Vegas Strip Included
Comfortable 30-minute ride out to Jean Nevada
20-minute skydiving techniques instruction
Fully qualified & certified tandem instructors
See the Nevada desert from an altitude of 15,000 feet above the ground - the highest skydive experience in Las Vegas
Dive into the open skies - a feeling beyond description
Tandem instructor always positioned immediately behind you for your safety
60 second free fall - skydive experience (seems like a lifetime)
4 to 5 minute parachute experience as you glide back down to earth
No experience necessary for tandem skydiving
No forced jumps - if you change your mind at the last minute (you won't), you can ride back to ground in the airplane - no refunds though - sorry!
The listed price does not include a $5 per person fuel surcharge, payable at the time of tour check-in
Tour Options

Jump Only

  • Price from USD $228.99
  • Tandem skydive. Make your own way to jump zone
  • Code: JON

Jump & Shuttle

  • Price from USD $228.99
  • Tandem skydive. Includes free pickup/drop off at MGM Grand Hotel and Casino
  • Code: JSH

Jump & DVD

  • Price from USD $318.99
  • Tandem skydive with DVD of your jump. Make your own way to jump zone
  • Code: JDVD

Jump, DVD & Shuttle

  • Price from USD $318.99
  • Tandem skydive with DVD of your jump. Includes free pickup/drop off at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino
  • Code: JDVDS

Skydiving with state of the art equipment and professional instructors, working to maintain a perfect safety record, insure you will have a fun and enjoyable experience without having to worry.

No experience is necessary! We'll provide approximately 45 minutes of instruction and you are ready to "take the plunge!". Safety is always our #1 concern just like flying an airplane, before the pilot takes off he has a checklist and systems check, we do the same. The tandem master is highly trained and ready to deal with any situation.

Frequently asked questions

What is Tandem Jumping?
This adventure is great for your first jump. You are directly attached to the instructor and parachute system. You free fall with your instructor, you pull the ripcord and your instructor helps you guide the parachute down to a safe landing.

What is the USPA?
United States Parachute Association is the nations self private regulatory body for skydiving. They work together with the FAA to set standards and give us rules and regulations. Your staff are all rated instructors and members of the USPA. We exceed the normal industry standard.

What does it feel like?
It is hard to describe what it feels like. There is no feeling of falling as you might get on a roller coaster. A feeling of weightlessness is how most describe it.

How long is the jump?
After a 20 minute ground course and some paperwork you gear up and go. The airplane ride is about 30 minutes all the way up to 8,500 to 13,500ft MSL, we go the highest in Las Vegas. You free fall for about 40 seconds at 120 mph. You pull the parachute ripcord or your instructor will do it for you. The parachute ride is 4-5 minutes and you can help on the landing.

What type of airplane and how high?
We operate two Cessna 206's. All are maintained by FAA Aircraft Mechanics and flown by FAA Commercial pilots. We follow all FAA Regulations for maintenance and safety protocols.

What type of equipment do you use?
All parachute rigs are equipped with a state of the art glider ram air parachute and a Computerized Automatic Emergency Opener. All reserve parachutes are repacked every 120 days by a FAA certified parachute rigger.

What if the parachute does not open?
It is extremely rare that the main parachute does not work, but if it happens your instructor will just use the reserve parachute, that's it. Its like flying an airplane, before the pilot takes off he has a checklist and systems check, we do the same. The tandem master is highly trained and ready to deal with any issues.

What should I wear?
Tennis shoes or athletic shoes with no hooks, T-shirt, jeans or shorts, bring a sweater in winter time. We will provide you with a jumpsuit, goggles, ear plugs and gloves. If you don't have shoes we can also provide those to you at no additional cost.

What if I don't want to jump?
You're the boss, if you don't want to jump you don't have to, your instructor will ride the plane down with you if you want. If it comforts you, the instructor would rather jump. Most skydivers feel more safe jumping then landing with the airplane.

Passengers with a Disability
Our tandem instructors can accommodate passengers with a disability. Please notify us in the "special requests" box on the booking page when making your reservation.

What if the weather is bad?
It's very unusual that we have to cancel because of bad weather. The weather is sometimes different on the Las Vegas strip, so call ahead to find out.

Comfort & Safety
All skydivers must be at least 18 years old with valid picture ID, weigh less than 240 lbs (108 kg), must be height/weight proportionate (some restrictions may apply) and in good physical health. We can also usually accommodate people with some disabilities but please call for information.

Check Dates
Additional Information

For an extra $100 we'll send our photographer up with you. Equipped with a helmet Cam, we'll get footage and photo's of your personal skydive experience. Coverage includes you in the airplane, climbing out before the skydive, your jump, the parachute opening and your landing back down on mother earth.

The listed price does not include a $5 per person fuel surcharge, payable at the time of tour check-in.

Reviews & ratings from fellow travelers

Read what other travelers think about the Free Fall Tandem Skydiving From 15,000 Feet. We only accept reviews from actual, confirmed travelers who purchased the tour / activity from us, so you can be sure the reviews are unbiased and authentic.

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Reviews 1-10 of 117
5.0 stars

Wow, what a thrill, Kevin my tandem partner was awesome, he gave me all the confidence I needed to make the fab jump!! All round 5 STAR day.

Reviewed by:Robert M., UK, August 2014

5.0 stars

When I booked the trip up I was terrified. Although a skydive is something that I have always wanted to do, I was not sure that I would be able to go through with it. The trip was very well organised and I found all the team to be extremely organised and friendly. I was VERY VERY lucky with the jump partner I was given, John F, from the very first time he spoke to me, he completely put me at ease and actually made me WANT to jump out of a plane, he was so much fun, really easy to get along with and made feel so safe that nothing could possibly go wrong. I am still convinced that if was not for him i would have changed my mind and not jumped. THE JUMP........ What can I say........... well in all my life I have never felt so alive, the scenery was amazing, I cannot put into words how i felt after the jump.............alot of friends have said that i,m mad for doing it...........I say you have to be mad NOT to do it. I never thought I would say this but I wanted to go straight back up there and jump again and the next time I am in Vegas, i will do it again. Would highly recommend this trip.

Reviewed by:Donna J., UK, June 2013

5.0 stars

AMAZING! We had a great time - loved every minute! The team was very professional and fun. It was a "bucket list" item that we want to do again! Eddie, the owner, was also very professional and fun. He even arranges for a friend of his to fly his helicopter lowly over us after landing- what a rush! Thank you VEGAS SKYDIVING!

Reviewed by:jennifer K., Canada, May 2013

5.0 stars

what a blast. the guys were great, the energy was great...the jump was really great. be ready to roll upon arrival, there will be no time to think about things or change your mind once the process starts - I think they do this on purpose, probably frm experience. would recommend this group to anyone considering the jump. would considering making the jump to anyone looking for a new exhilarating experience.

Reviewed by:Megan V., USA, September 2012

5.0 stars

Was amazing, thought it was really good value for money, staff were very friendly whilst still being very proffesional. Only thing I could ad is anywhere else Ive done a jump they have gave you a certificate so that could be nice, and also if the pictures frm the event were alot cheaper, they are taken anyway so might aswell try and sel them at a reduced price and get more people taking them.

Reviewed by:Steven M., UK, August 2012

5.0 stars

Well run operation. Instructors were a lot of fun.

Reviewed by:Joseph M., USA, May 2012

5.0 stars

The instructors were awesome and very very well informed/veterans of the dive. Great sense of humour, which helps!!!! The view is something that will last with you forever. Finally the jump- no words to describe the feeling- pure and utter freedom would be the closest descriptor!!!! Don’t think twice- these are the guys to take the plunge with!!!! :-D

Reviewed by:Avinash S., UK, December 2011

5.0 stars

Oh my goodness, I love every second of it!!!

Reviewed by:LIANG T., USA, September 2011

5.0 stars

The best experience. My husband and i loved it!!!

Reviewed by:Anonymous, USA, September 2011

5.0 stars

Thanks to all the staff. One of the highlights of my trip. Staff were brilliant and helpful. Would recommend to anyone who wants to do a parachute jump.

Reviewed by:Anonymous, UK, June 2011

Reviews 1-10 of 117
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